Enabling A New Era of Genomic Discoveries

Our Story

DNA is the foundational code for life, and with current technologies, it is difficult to decipher the diversity of that code at the cellular level.  In founding BioSkryb, a physician-scientist and single cell R&D scientist combined their expertise to create a new set of solutions for measuring genetic diversity in single cells. Our proprietary approach to low-input DNA and single-cell whole genome amplification enables scientists to accurately detect most of the genetic variants in each cell, allowing for a broad array of genomic applications that will result in unexpected new discoveries about basic biology and human health.

The Technology

Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA) is a novel, more accurate, whole genome amplification (WGA) approach for single cells or ultra-low DNA input samples. The PTA platform elevates single cell genome variant calling metrics to a new gold standard compared to current methodologies. Our technology video outlines the details of this method that create more accurate, uniform, and reproducible genome amplification.


“PTA is our method of choice if you want reproducible, efficient and evenly amplified genomes from single cells for single nucleotide variant detection.”

Christopher A. Walsh, MD, PhD
Bullard Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Chief Division of Genetics, Boston Children’s Hospital
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

The PTA Advantage

ResolveDNA™, powered by PTA, provides superior WGA performance metrics in single cells compared to all current methods.

  • Unprecedented genome recovery (>95%) and coverage uniformity
  • Unprecedented SNV calling sensitivity and specificity
  • Recover almost the entire genome, then have the flexibility to perform any analyses downstream, including exome or other target enrichment as well as CNV calling on the same cells
  • Specific amplification of the primary template with >97% of reads mapping to the human genome and no detectable product in no template control reactions
  • Reproducible results for consistent sequencing data quality
  • Easy to perform workflow with less than 45 minutes of hands-on time
  • TrailBlazer Bioinformatics Package to assess data quality and enable the identification of meaningful variants in the data

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