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The BioSkryb Advantage

ResolveDNA™, powered by PTA, provides superior WGA performance metrics in single cells compared to all current methods.
Sequencing Performance Table

  • Unprecedented genome recovery (>95%) and coverage uniformity
  • Unprecedented SNV calling sensitivity and specificity
  • Recover almost the entire genome, then have the flexibility to perform any analyses downstream, including exome or other target enrichment as well as CNV calling on the same cells
  • Specific amplification of the primary template with >97% of reads mapping to the human genome and no detectable product in no template control reactions
  • Reproducible results for consistent sequencing data quality
  • Easy to perform workflow with less than 45 minutes of hands-on time
  • TrailBlazer Bioinformatics Package to assess data quality and enable the identification of meaningful variants in the data

The Technology

Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA) is a novel, more accurate, whole genome amplification (WGA) approach for single cells or ultra-low DNA input samples. The PTA platform elevates single cell genome variant calling metrics to a new gold standard compared to current methodologies. Our technology video outlines the details of this method that create more accurate, uniform, and reproducible genome amplification.


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